FIRE Safety

A fire risk assessment should identify the potential causes of a fire to start, i.e. sources of ignition (heat or sparks), flammable substances or materials that burn, as well as the people/employees who could be at risk.

Our Fire Risk Assessment guidance assists companies meet their legal duties regarding fire safety.

Compliance with these duties may be routinely checked by the Fire Authority, or as the result of a fire-related incident. The Company insurer will also require a suitable and sufficient risk assessment as any failings in fire safety management may invalidate an insurance claim in the event of a fire.

An Evolve Fire Risk Assessment will:

  • Assess compliance with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Government Guides on Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Safety British Standards and Building Regulations.
  • Review your fire emergency arrangements.
  • Review staff training requirements.
  • Ensure documentation is compliant and readily available for inspection.
  • Be carried out by one of our ex-fire service professionals.